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Through the streets of Diaspora (Chutnee)

Art video

This video deals with the elements of axienty,disassociation,displacement,uncertainty,transition,celebration and harmony in a given unit. It is a part of the project Chutnee which fits in the genre of surprise and contrast.

Underground Clouds

Art video

This video is a part of the project called " Chutnee" . The context of the video is to deal with subject of disturbance and peace. Its purpose is to bring about a sense of calmness for the viewer after watching the disoriented video.Since the sound and the visual are so opposite to each other it brings out the best of their individual elements .

London nIght bus at Oxford Circus

Art video

This is another video from the project " Chutnee". It is a memorandum of the Oxford Circus on a ghostly Sunday night. London as seen differently from the eye of the railings.

Inside the London NIght Bus

Art video

This video deals with the idea of journey as art. It brings to attention the elements that we take for granted while going on a journey.
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