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Profile picture of Juhi Kulkarni the artist

Juhi was born and raised in India. She graduated BA (Hons) in Drawing from Camberwell College of Art, The University of Arts, London.

    From a young age of three, her parents recognised the artist in her. She was trained in academic art by the age of thirteen with oils, dry pastel and watercolours. Now she works in various mediums and most often they are not typical, like digital media, and photography. 

    She photographs with her manual Pentex k1000 as well as the DSLRs with ease. Her art is to revive the lost art of double and multiple exposures and combining drawings with photographs. Her vivid colours are influenced by the childhood memories of the orange orchids she grew up in with her family in Nagpur, Vidarbha region.

    Her art is influenced by psychological theories of her spiritual background especially, meditation and music. Through her art, she tends to exploit the depths of one’s minds and finds it’s duality intriguing. Due to constant travel, conceptually her work deals with movement, diaspora and the tipping point between peace, tranquillity and the chaos in one's mind.

    Her works are a part of private collections in U.S, London, Sweden, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and other cities. She has shown in various galleries in London, Newyork, Mumbai, Nagpur and her one of her shows was in The International Art of Living Centre, Bangalore. Her photograph is showcased on the Tate website and was also shown at Pimlico Underground Metro station in London. Timeless Loop is her second show at the prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai within the span of three years.  She has shown in the art district of Chelsea Newyork,

ArtBasel Miami, Swizz Art Expo Zurich and Barcelona. 

All her works are available for sale on this website

" I draw. My creation evolves from meditations into drawing. Drawing for me is extracting information from different aspects and processing them through to various forms such as photography, paintings, installations, poems or videos. Experience is never unmediated; it is always influenced by what precedes and follows it, by memory and expectation, modes of sensory organs, culturally conditioned habits of mind and countless other factors that are historically and socially produced. Experience, in other words, is multiple meditated and infinitely variable. To experience something one has to be totally engaged in it. I believe in engaging my viewers into my work and giving them the space and time in imagination to make their own story of the work. The visitor, their experience spills out, moving it out of the room.  

    My works are constantly evolving, ever changing and are impacted by the experience I gain through every day. These works are highly influenced by the travels to Europe living there for more that three years and intricate journeys to the far corners of India. The process constitutes a negotiation, an active engagement with myself, my work, and the time and space that both are in. It provokes the established concepts of art and materials. 

    For me, the Gallery space is a real abstraction with material consequences. not only while creating art but also during the show the experiments begin with the space in the buildings, and people can see each other and communicate and also understand their positions to the other people and the works. The multiple layers of visual information provide a compass, a tool to help the user to explore the flexibility of the multiple exposed photos. As more people come together and move in the space, the images superimpose, merge, their colours intensifying or shadows deepening. No stable image is created, the visual phenomena are temporary and in the moment. It is pure performance, pure event. Public space is generated by interaction and private space by withdrawing from the company and both can occur anywhere. The art work, like the process of making the multiple exposed photos is comparative, engaging and  interactive."

"Everything is Drawing.”


Juhi Kulkarni 2021

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2006 -2009- BA (Hons) Drawing, Camberwell College of Arts, University of Arts London, UK.

2008 Oct- Art Business today: Navigating a New Economic Environment. Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, UK.

2004 - 2006 -BFA, Govt. Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur, India.


Selected Art Exhibitions

2022 October - Case del Arte, Palma, Majorca.

2022 Aug - Swiss Art Expo, Zurich, Switzerland.

2021 Barcelona, 2nd - 7th May - Buenaventura Munoz 6, Barcelona, Spain.

2020 August, 20th -24th - Swiss Art Expo, Zurich, Switzerland.

2019 December, 2nd - 8th - Art Basel Art weeks, Miami, Florida. U.S.A 

2018 March, 5th- 16th - Art box project, Stricoff Gallery, Chelsea, New York, U.S.A.

2017 Feb 28th- March 6th-  Solo show, Jehangir Art gallery, Fort, Mumbai, India.

2016 Oct 1st - 11th - The International Art of Living Centre, Bangalore, India.

2015 March 7th - 13th - “ Time and Again”, Caravan Hands, Kemps Corner, Mumbai, India.

2014 Oct 20th- 31st -  “Now”, Framers gallery, Tottenham court road, London.

2014 Oct 20th - Nov 2nd – “Now”, Art below Pimlico, Pimlico Underground Station, London.

2014 Oct, 14th-20th- Time after Time, Solo show, Jehangir Art gallery, Fort, Mumbai, India.

2013 May- Sunshine River, handpicked by Ranjit Barot, Qyuki.

2013 May- Winter Lake and midnight moon, Qyuki pick.

2012 April -Another London, Tate Museum.

2010 January -Trance London, CISFA ki Choti Gallery, Nagpur.

2009 Sept - Square Impressions, Basoli Group, Nagpur.

2009 June- Chutnee, Degree show 09, Camberwell College of Arts London

2008 June- My Red Book, Our sacred Earth, Stable Gallery, Richmond.

2008 April- >140, Area 10, Peckham, London.

2008 March- Alday, Lucas garden, Vestry Road, London.

Books and Press coverage


  • Sudhir Diwan,“Art made easy to understand”, Digital Art, pg 100, 1st ed 2015, Interior Affairs, Mumbai. ISBN 81-901104-5-4

  • ArtIllustrated, page 27, Feb & March 2017.



  • Indian Express, 16th October 2014.

  • Absolute India, Vol2, Issue 2, Mumbai 15th Oct 2014.

  • The Inqlab Vol 77, Issue 286, Mumbai 19th Oct 2014.

  • Sunday Midday, Mumbai 19th Oct 2014.

  • The Free Press Journal, Vol 58, Issue 233, Mumbai 11th Oct 2014.

  • Mumbai Chaufer, Year 21, Issue 165, Mumbai, 15th October 2014.

  • The Asian Age, Volume 21, no 236, no 237, no 238, 240  Mumbai 13th, 14th, 15th, 17th  Oct 2014.

  • Hindustan Times (HT Cafe), Mumbai 13th, 14th Oct 2014.

  • Absolute India 13th Oct 2014.

  • Prahar, year 11, Issue 8, Mumbai, 17th October 2014.

  • Bombay Times, Mumbai, 17th, 10th October 2014.

  • Loksatta, Mumbai, 10th, 17th October 2014.

  • Maharashtra Times, Mumbai, 15th, 17th October 2014.

  • Sakal, Mumbai, 14th, 15th October 2014.

  • Lokmat, Mumbai, 15th October 2014.

  • DNA, Mumbai, 15th October 2014.

  • The Hitvada, Nagpur, Sunday, 17th Jan 2010.

Workshops conducted



2018 July - Creative workshop, Art of Living International Center, Bangalore, India.

2017 Feb - Art appreciation course, Mumbai, India.

2016 Oct - Art appreciation course, Nagpur, India.

2015 Dec - Art Awareness lecture, VMV college, Nagpur.

2014 Dec - Shery Academy, Mumbai.

2011 March – present: Art Awareness camps, Nagpur, Bangalore.

2010 February 16th -21st:  International Design Awareness Awards 2010 (IDAA 2010), in association with MFA department RTMNU, PXL Studios, Nagpur.

2010 January: Introduction to the usage of the website in schools. Mundle Public school, PXL studios, Nagpur.

2009 Sept: Square Impressions, Basoli Group, Nagpur.

2009 Sept: Digital media workshop. Pxl Studios, Nagpur.

2008 Oct: Fresher’s Fayre - Introduction to Class Reps, SUARTS, London.

2008 Sept: Kalavicched - New dimension to art, Nagpur

2008 April: 140 Area 10, Curation and Art, London

2007 March - 2009 April: Healing with Creativity, Yoga and Art workshop, Camberwell College of Arts, Peckham Road, London.



Work experience


2014 Nov - Founder - International Collaborative Arts Network (ICAN)

2011- Present:  Art of Living Faculty – Happiness programme Part 1, YES+, Prison smart, YLTP

2010 May – Aug: Curriculum Advisor - to Dean of Govt. Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, RTMNU, Nagpur India

2010 Mar – April: Production head - Indian Premier League- 3 (IPL), Deccan Chargers, Nagpur, DNA (Innovations), Nagpur.

2009 Dec - 2010- March - Director, IDAA (International design Awareness Awards) in association with MFA department RTMNU, PXL Studios, Nagpur.

2009 Oct – Present: Art of Living Faculty, Art of Living Yoga.

2008 Dec- 2010 Mar: -Managing Director - International Design Awareness Awards

2008 Nov- Dec: Artist manager, Work placement with Shanti Panchal, London.

2007 -2008: Front of office desk manager, Volunteer, Hunterian Museum, Museum of Surgeons, London.

2007- 2009: Student Representative Organizer, for Camberwell College of Arts London, UAL Student Union London

2006- 2008: Student helper, Marketing and PR division, Camberwell College of Arts London.

2004 - Present, Volunteer, Art of Living, organization.




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