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" Juhi's new photographs are exciting as well as engaging, specially NOW, KOLAHAL and CELEBRATE. They are mysterious and one can forget the technique for seeing only the work as they are mixed so well that you have two depths of space but one, which open a lot f other spaces in dreams and imagination. These delicate works portray fellings and emotions of womenin a reflective mode and bring about a sense of solemn as well as celebration"

- Xavier Zimbardo (Photographer (France), Art Director of PHOTSOC, Intenational Festive of Social Photography.


" In Juhi's current work one sees here is of that exploration of poetic and spiritual journey she has undertaken. She has developed a photographic technique which has much deeper and immediate impact on viewer's mind. I sincerely wish Juhi on all the success she deserves"

- Shanti Panchal, Artist London,


"Nostalgial and a very happy returning of the past techniques of the multiple exposure in such an artistic and fresh visual, Juhi has experienced her inner self in a very subtle but powerful imagery. Simply Loved it. Keep the visual going Juhi and hang on to your simply innocent expression ."

- Girish Mistry, Dean Sheri Academy.


" Her art emerges from the solidarity of self and the deep sense of satisfaction that arises through methodical meditation. Employing seminal text, musical scores and paintings as well as key works from the photographic oeuvre, she transforms the cool art of appropriation into art about authorship and time. To create her works Juhi often photographs a variety of material and spaces -  in series and layers them using the technique of double exposure photography, so that the resonant composites are created. The result sparks new thoughts about the original content or opens up seams of interpretation. Juhi's works challenges our assumptions about various media, how they are received and digested. Exisiting images such as photographs of flowers and trees are made to painterly, animation with lines of energy and pulsing with life of silhouettes of the portraits of the women she photographs. She extends the photographic moment and her images far from apearing to be the result of the mechanical reproduction, become suffused with a kind of aura or spirit that lends them the quality of paintings." - Caravan Hands, Kemps Corner, Mumbai.


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